Test Drive Like a Pro

Test-driving a car is a crucial step in the North American car market, whether you're in the market for a brand new vehicle or a pre-owned one. Take a peek at our test drive top tips! And remember, AutoDice is the best spot to buy a car online. Just build your dream car, and dealers bid for your business.

Cars are big investments. We often keep them for many years, making it even more important to ensure a thorough test drive before making a purchase decision. While online resources like AutoDice and YouTube reviews offer valuable insights into a vehicle, nothing compares to experiencing the car firsthand – from its performance on the road to its interior comfort and features. Here are some tips for a successful test drive and beyond.

The Bells & Whistles:

Spend time exploring and testing every control and feature of the car, ensuring they meet your expectations for usability and functionality over the long term.

Junk in the Trunk:

Assess the car's trunk space to ensure it accommodates your lifestyle needs, whether it's for golf clubs, strollers, pets, or other gear you regularly transport.

Consider Electric Vehicles:

If considering an electric vehicle (EV), familiarize yourself with EV-specific features and driving characteristics, such as regenerative braking and charging capabilities.

Family Needs:

If you have a family, bring them along to determine their comfort in the car, especially children and teenagers. Make sure there's ample space and that the interior is suitable for family use.

Push the Car's Limits:

Test the car's braking, acceleration, and handling under different driving conditions, ensuring it meets your expectations for performance and responsiveness.

Request an Extended Test Drive:

Some dealerships offer a longer test drive duration to fully experience the car's capabilities and suitability for your daily needs.

Shop Around:

Don't settle for the first car you test drive. Try out different models and trim levels to compare their performance, features, and comfort.

Steer Clear of Lemons:

If buying a used car, conduct a thorough inspection and consider factors like maintenance history and overall condition before making a purchase. Check a Carfax report if available.

Seek Expert Advice:

When in doubt, bring along a knowledgeable friend or seek guidance from AutoDice to ensure you make an informed decision.

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